"The desire to create unique premium products with appreciation for our environment"

ALECOO , stands for Alessa & Cookie on the one hand and our company philosophy on the other: AL ( L ) ECO (O) - everything sustainable.

Cookie, a miniature dachshund lady, and Alessa come from beautiful Lake Constance. Surrounded by breathtaking nature, the preservation of our environment is particularly important to us. For this reason, we decided to build our ALECOO brand on the cornerstones of sustainability right from the start.

Over time, we noticed again and again that there was no dog brand that combined sustainability with extraordinary designs. That's why we founded our environmentally friendly dog ​​label ALECOO, with which we want to prove that sustainability can also be stylish for dogs and owners!

Our corporate philosophy is based on 3 pillars:


A world of sustainable luxury for dogs. ALECOO offers handmade premium dog accessories worldwide. Using the best, sustainable materials that are manufactured in Italy and processed into unique products.

Throughout the collection we use our sustainable apple leather which forms the core of the brand. This is complemented by the use of other high-quality materials. Our collection consists of iconic essentials of unmatched quality and timeless beauty. With comfort & durability in mind, we are constantly designing new collections and launching new products.