Send Sustainably

Ship responsibly

As a sustainable dog label, environmental and climate protection is particularly important to us. Free returns usually encourage customers to make rather unconscious purchases, which often have to be returned. Because we want to protect our planet from environmental pollution, we do not offer free returns. With our fit guide and detailed product descriptions, we provide recommendations for the perfect match. You also have the option of emailing to get advice on sizes and products from our experts.

Anyone who buys ALECOO products should be happy with our sustainable styles. That's why we understand that sometimes it just doesn't fit. You can return the items* to be returned within 14 days of delivery.

Please note the return conditions for items to be returned:

  • The right of return only applies to unworn, unused & perfect items from which the tags have not been removed.
  • For returned SALE items you will receive a voucher for our online shop.
  • The costs of returning the goods are to be borne by the customer. Parcels sent freight collect cannot be accepted.
  • A flat rate of 5 euros will be charged for jute bags that are not returned

Address the return to:
88339 Bad Waldsee

For returns from non-EU countries, the invoice must be attached to the outside of the package and the package must be marked with the word "return". Otherwise the package cannot be accepted.