Our Core Values

Sustainable Materials

The core material we use to produce our dog collar and leash collection is apple leather, also known as apple leather .

Apple leather is a sustainable and environmentally friendly leather substitute.
We decided to use apple leather for the following reasons:
  1. Sustainability: Apple leather is made from the waste from apple processing, thus avoiding unnecessary waste

  2. Environmental friendliness: In contrast to the production of leather from animal skins, the production of apple leather does not cause any environmental pollution through chemical processes or waste water
  3. Longevity: Apple leather is strong and durable, which makes it as durable as real leather
  4. Ease of care: Apple leather is easy to care for and does not require any special care to maintain its shape and color
  5. Vegan: Apple leather is vegan and animal-friendly, making it a great alternative for those looking for sustainable and animal-friendly alternatives

We also pay attention to sustainability and sustainable production methods for all other materials that we use for the production of our products.

Fair production
When choosing our (production) partners, we pay attention to fair working conditions for the employees in the production facilities and limit ourselves to production partners in Europe.

Ecological Footprint
We pay attention to sustainable production processes. We only produce limited quantities of the products for each collection to avoid waste and limit our environmental impact. We run a "made to order" business model with our producers to avoid over-ordering and waste

Social Commitment
The welfare of the dogs is important to us. That's why we donate one meal per order to a dog in an animal shelter.

Packaging & Logistics
We send our products in sustainable packaging and outer packaging. Our goods are delivered to our warehouse in collective deliveries by our producers in a CO2-saving manner.