Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does ALECOO ensure that the products offered are safe to use?
    • All products are made of high quality materials, have undergone stability tests and are also free from harmful materials. When choosing collars for your four-legged friend, please pay attention to our size recommendations (see Size Guide)

  • What if I don't like the product I bought for my dog?
    • If you do not like a purchased product, you have the option of returning it to us within a certain period of time. Please follow our instructions under the menu item: Returns
  • What if my chosen size doesn't fit my dog?
    • In this case, you have the option of making an exchange. To do this, please contact our customer service at: info@alecoo.de



  • What materials are ALECOO products made of?
    • The main material of the dog collar and leash collection as well as the toy collection is apple leather. Textile straps made from organic cotton and other carefully selected materials are also used.
  • What special properties do our materials offer?
    • Apple leather is a vegan leather alternative made from leftovers from apple juice production. This unique material is very hard-wearing and simply feels great (you can find out more about apple leather under the menu item: About -> Sustainability). One of our most important principles is not to harm people, animals or the environment.

Our dog accessories

  • What are the special properties of our dog accessories?
    • Our dog accessories combine the highest quality standards with a unique design
  • What are the advantages of our dog accessories for you and your four-legged friend?
    • With dog accessories from ALECOO you not only contribute to the preservation of our environment but are also technically at the forefront in terms of style



  • Are ALECOO products ecologically sustainable?
    • All products are handcrafted with the utmost care within Europe. Attention is also paid to the sustainability of the materials
  • How is ALECOO committed to sustainability?
    • We not only pay attention to sustainable materials and manufacturing processes when manufacturing our products, but also when packaging and shipping our products. You can find more about sustainability under the menu item: About -> Sustainability

animal welfare:

  • How do I support ALECOO with my purchase to actively promote animal welfare?
    • It is not only important to us to contribute to the preservation of our environment, but also to help dogs that are not doing too well. That's why for every purchase you make, we donate a meal to a dog at the shelter. You can find more about animal welfare under the menu item: About -> Animal welfare